Product Placement
Angus-Hughes Gallery, London - 2012

Irene Alvarez + Rafel Oliva
Gordon Cheung + James Cadogan
Alex Chinneck + Kim Thome
Richard Cramp + Luke Smith-Wightman
Corinne Felgate & Ludovica Gioscia (Factice) + Oscar Wanless & Attua Aparicio (Silo Studio)
Harry Meadows + Max Frommeld

Plus William Smith & Rachael Davies

Product Placement was a curatorial project that brought together a range of artists and product designers who shared an equal interest in how objects are made, displayed and sold in contemporary culture. The exhibition explored the processes of production and marketing commodities, but on a wider scale, how (and by whom) participation in consumer activity is structured or framed.

Each artist and product designer was 'paired' in order to produce a new object, multiple or edition for the exhibition. Via their cross-disciplinary collaboration, new and combined working processes were found and explored. The resulting objects (perhaps neither product or artwork) were placed in a specifically constructed installation for the exhibition. Through an architectural re-working of the gallery, the space became a parody of 'catalogue' stores (such as Argos) - mimicking their structure of experience with catalogue kiosks, service point (with uniformed assistant) and market hall/storage space. Merging this structure into the space intended to amplify and question the functional similarities and behavioral prompts of gallery, retail and warehouse spaces.

An accompanying publication featuring additional texts and documentation of the works in progress is available on request.

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Exhibition supported by:

Angus-Hughes Gallery
Arts Council England
University for the Creative Arts