Unobtrusive Measures
Kunstpavillon, Munich - 2011
Schwartz Gallery, London - 2010

Unobtrusive Measures is a group exhibition and curatorial project by Mark Selby featuring the work of Adam Dix, Ismail Erbil, Martin Fletcher Systems House, Adrian Lee, Patrick Michalopoulos, Faye Peacock and Jamie Taylor. The exhibited works are contained within an installation by Mark Selby.

Each of the artists in the exhibition are measuring and researching potential shifts in technology and communication frameworks. They work in a variety of ways to capture their data; the appropriation of technological form and design seen in the work of Martin Fletcher Systems House, the collection of telecommunications and pageant imagery in the work of Adam Dix, Ismail Erbil uses the depths of his own cultural heritage and personal identity, the online research of social networks by Patrick Michalopoulos and Faye Peacock's use of direct physical acts or performances with her subjects. Each practice adapts their information gathering and observations into an individual, conceptual critique, though all their outcomes, are based in physical material; be it oil paint or outmoded recording technologies.

In the exhibition itself, you will not engage with this materiality or experience the works in the method through which the artists would normally intend. Placed within sealed spaces in the gallery, the works will be converted and subsumed into my own installation (and curatorial direction); ironically, a hugely obtrusive act. Though the artworks may still be observed and recorded through a series of CCTV cameras and monitors, the viewer will be placed on the outside looking in. Frustrated, excluded or voyeuristically enthralled, the experience is still a physical one, only not with the intended object but the mediating apparatus of an unobtrusive measure.

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