Warehouse of Failed Invention
Mascalls Gallery - 2012

The project consisted of a new installation work, combined with sculptural and video elements. The space was transformed from its current architectural state, a white cube, into a warehouse storage unit and site of manufacture. The exisiting gallery entrance was reduced to a single corridor, from which the viewer could access a series of new rooms. One space low lit, a darkended storage area - a second space contained prototype objects in testing (and two-way observing mirror) while a third, two films documenting shifts in 'warning' technology. The contained culptural works parodied production, invention and utlity within also a critique of the gallery as a site of 'display'. The final door allowing the viewer access to the exterior constunction, revealing the fiction of the space and allowing observatio of tothers inside via the two-way mirror.

An additional text is available here

Exhibition supported by:

Mascalls Gallery
University for the Creative Arts